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Sign in to your router admin panel to change your router settings, username and password. View default usernames and passwords for routers’s using the IP address. IP Address.

The ip address is the default IP address assigned to a variety of routers and modems manufactured by Siemens, Actiontec and Windstream. A number of Frontier FIOS standart routers, and Globe Broadband routers also use as its IP address out of the box, such as the Netgear 7550 router. Login.

To access the administrative panel of your router or signal repeater, you will need to know which IP address the router uses. If you have established that your router uses, you cna log in to the admin control panel easily, following these steps:

  • Open your inter browser and type or in the address bar. Click the ‘Enter’ button.
  • The admin panel login screen will open. Type in your router’s default username and password and click on ‘login’ or ‘ok’ button. If you have changed the default factory settings, then enter your new username and password.
  • Once logged in, you can change network and security configurations, as well as your router WIFI password. login
In your browser URL address bar, type either or and press enter. The most common problem is that a user will get a “Connection Timed Out” error message like the one showed here. This usually means that your router is using a different IP address. Try, or Admin Passwords and Usernames.

These are the default factory password and username settings for devices that use the IP address.

Router ModelRouter Admin UsernameRouter Admin PasswordType of Device
Actiontec Router
F2250 ManualWIFI router,dsl modem
Sagemcom Router
SE567dsl modem
F@st 1704 Manualadminadmindsl modem
SE567 ManualWIFI router,dsl modem
Siemens Router
SpeedStream 4200 Genericadminnone
SpeedStreamadmindsl modem
SpeedStream 6520 Manualadminadmindsl modem
SS2524WIFI router
SS2623 ManualadminWIFI router
SS2624WIFI router
SE587 WLAN dsl ManualadminadminWIFI router,dsl modem
SpeedStream 6520 ManualadminWIFI router,dsl modem
VAP11G Manualadminadminbridge Login Troubleshooting.

If you cannot log in to your router control panel, or the login page won’t even load, then check the following:

1) Check that your router is turned ON an is sending out a signal.

2) Check that you are entering the correct IP address in your browser address bar.

These are the CORRECT ways to type the IP address:

These are INCORRECT ways to type the IP address:

http //

http //


192.168 254 254



192 168 1 254


3) Make sure that you are typing the IP address in the browser url address bar and not in the Search Bar.

4) Check that your router’s default gateway is indeed, and not the more common, or IP addresses. If you are getting a “Timed Out error message” then most likely your router is using a different IP address.

We have written a guide on our Homepage at on How to Determine your Router IP address.

5) Try accessing the router admin panel via another device such as your mobile phone.


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