/ 192.168.ll Admin Login.

How do I log in to my router admin panel with the Default Gateway IP?

If you are having problems logging in to your router’s admin page, then read on. Accessing your router’s or signal repeater’s admin panel is simple, really, but most people are making the same mistakes.

The vast majority of Home WIFI Routers use as the default IP address, but a number of brands are set up with another default IP address, such as or If you cannot even load yourrouter admin login page, chances are that your router is using another IP address than Not Working – Connection Timed Out.

This video guide shows an advanced guide on all the steps to take, if the admin login is not working and you are getting a “Connection Timed Out” error message.

But first, check that you did not mistype in your browser’s address bar, and that you typed it in the actual URL Address Bar (and not in the Google Search bar). Also, check that is the actual IP address that your router uses.

See the written guide below, for more.

Determining your Router’s IP address.

If you are entering in your internet browser’s address bar, but no login page is appearing, then your router or signal repeater might be using a different Default Gateway IP, such as or

To find your router’s default IP address, simple click on “Start” in Windows, then “Run”. In the pop-up box, enter “Cmd” and press enter.

The Windows Command Prompt window will open. In the Command Prompt window, enter “ipconfig”, and press enter.

Now, search the page for Default Gateway. The number next to “Default Gateway” is your router’s IP address.

Note, that if you are running Windows 10, just click on the Searh icon and search for “Cmd”. That should bring up the Windows Command Prompt in Windows 10.

So, to recap, the number next to “Default Gateway” is the number you will need to enter in your internet browser’s address bar in order to load the router admin login page. or 192.168.ll?

The most common mistake newbies make when trying to access their router admin panel, is the mistype the router IP address.

The correct IP address is:, and NOT 192.168.l.l (with the letter L).

So, if you have establised that your router’s IP address (Default Gateway) is indeed, then this is what you do:

  • Make sure your router is turned ON.
  • Open your internet browser on your computer.
  • Find the browser’s URL address bar. Make sure you are not using the Google or Bing Search Bar, which is sometimes also located at the top of the browser.
  • In the browser’s URL address bar, enter: and press enter. Make sure that you enter or, and NOT 192.168.11, 192.168.l.l or 192.168.ll or any other combination. There should be 8 numbers and 3 Full Stop signs only. Admin Login
Type in the actual browser URL address box, and make sure you type followed by pressing ENTER.

To sum up, this input in your browser address url is CORRECT:





192 168 1 1

1.192 .168.1.1

192 .168.1

192 .168.1. 8080

http //

http //

https //







Your router’s admin login page should now open. If you get an error message or nothing is happening, then your router probably has another IP address than (for example or, your must be rest/turned on, or you are typing the IP address incorrectly. Admin Passwords.

Here is a list of common default passwords and usernames (factory settings).  You can try them one by one, though default login settings vary from model to model.

Router Brandname

Admin Login IP



3Com Routershttp:// IPadminadmin
Belkin Routershttp:// IPadminadmin
BenQ Routershttp:// IPadminadmin
D-Link Routershttp:// IPadminadmin
Digicom Routershttp:// IPadminmichelangelo
Digicom Routershttp:// IPuserpassword
Digicom Routershttp:// IPadminmichelangelo
Linksys Routershttp:// IPadminadmin
Netgear Routershttp:// IPadminpassword
Sitecom Routershttp:// IPadminadmin
Sitecom Routershttp:// IPsitecomadmin
Thomson Routershttp:// IPuseruser
US Robotics Routershttp:// IPadminadmin IP is used by These Routers. is the most common IP address for Home Routers. It is the Default Gateway for most Linksys brand routers, as well as some Cisco home routers.

These Linksys models are set up with as the default IP gateway:

Linksys Model: BEFDSR41WE8400WAG54GP2WRT54G-RG
Linksys Model: BEFN2PS4E900WAG54GSWRT54G-TM
Linksys Model: BEFSR11EA2700WRH54GWRT54G2
Linksys Model: BEFSR41EA2750WRK54GWRT54G3G-AT
Linksys Model: BEFSR41WEA3500WRT100WRT54G3G-AU
Linksys Model: BEFSR81EA4500WRT110WRT54G3G-EU
Linksys Model: BEFSRU31EA5800WRT1200ACWRT54G3G-ST
Linksys Model: BEFSX41EA6100WRT120NWRT54G3G-UK
Linksys Model: BEFVP41EA6200WRT150NWRT54G3G-VN
Linksys Model: BEFW11P1EA6350WRT160NWRT54G3GV2-ST
Linksys Model: BEFW11S4EA6400WRT160N-HPWRT54GC
Linksys Model: CG7500EA6500WRT160NLWRT54GH
Linksys Model: E1000EA6900WRT1900ACWRT54GL
Linksys Model: E1200EA7300WRT1900ACSWRT54GR
Linksys Model: E1500EA7500WRT300NWRT54GS
Linksys Model: E1550EA8300WRT310NWRT54GS2
Linksys Model: E1700EA8500WRT3200WRT54GX
Linksys Model: E2000EA9200WRT3200ACMWRT54GX2
Linksys Model: E2100LEA9300WRT320NWRT54GX4
Linksys Model: E2500EA9500WRT32XWRT55AG
Linksys Model: E3000WAG120NWRT330NWRT600N
Linksys Model: E3200WAG160NWRT350NWRT610N
Linksys Model: E4200WAG310GWRT400NWRTSL54GS
Linksys Model: E4200WAG320NWRT51AB
Linksys Model: E800WAG354GWRT54AG
Linksys Model: E8350WAG54GWRT54G

Which IP address does my Router Use?

Here is a list of router brands and the typical IP addresses, that they are set up with from the factory. If does not work for you, when you are trying to log in, then find your router brand and try one of these other IP addresses listed.

Router or Repeater Brand NameDefault Gateway IP Address
2Wire Router192.168.1.1
3Com Router192.168.1.1
Actiontec Router192.168.1.1
Airlink Router192.168.1.1
Airlive Router192.168.2.1
Airties Router192.168.2.1
Apple Router10.0.1.1
Amped Wireless Router192.168.3.1
Asus Router192.168.1.1
Aztech Router192.168.1.1
Belkin Router192.168.1.1
Billion Router192.168.1.254
Buffalo Router192.168.1.1
Card King Router192.168.0.1
Cisco Router192.168.1.1
Dell Router192.168.1.1
D-Link Router192.168.1.1
Edimax Router192.168.2.1
Eero Router192.168.0.1
Eminent Router192.168.1.1
Gigabyte Router192.168.1.254
Hawking Router192.168.1.200
Huawei Router192.168.1.1
LevelOne Router192.168.0.1
Linksys Router192.168.1.1
Microsoft Router192.168.2.1
Motorola Router192.168.0.1
MSI Router192.168.1.254
Netgear Router192.168.0.1
NetComm Router192.168.1.1
Netopia Router192.168.0.1
Planet Router192.168.1.1
Repotec Router192.168.1.1
Senao Router192.168.0.1
Siemens v192.168.1.1
Sitecom Router192.168.0.1
SMC Networks Router192.168.1.1
Sonicwall Router192.168.0.3
SpeedTouch Router10.0.0.138
Synology Router192.168.1.1
Sweex Router192.168.15.1
Tenda Router192.168.1.1
Thomson Router192.168.0.1
TP-Link Router192.168.1.1
Trendnet Router192.168.1.1
Ubiquiti Router192.168.1.1
U.S. Robotics Router192.168.1.1
Zoom Router192.168.1.1
ZTE Router192.168.1.1
Zyxel Router192.168.1.1

Still need help with accessing the router admin panel? Share your issue in the comment section below.


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  1. It works with me for my TP Link router using
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