Admin Login. is the default gateway IP address used be a number of router brands and WIFI repeater devices, such as the TPlinkrepeater.net WIFI signal repeater,  a number of TP-Link routers, and many other router brands.

The IP address default gateway is also used by many modems, webcams and some DVRs.

.I you want to setup your new router or signal repeater, or if you want to change the default password and username, then you will need to access the router admin panel. Login.

Accessing your router’s or WIFI repeater’s admin panel is simple and straightforward:

  • Make sure that your router and WIFI repeater devices are turned ON.
  • Open your internet browser.
  • Type or into your internet browser’s address bar.
  • Press Enter.
  • Your admin login panel should now open. Enter your Username and Password to access the admin panel. Admin Login
Always check that you are typing into the URL address bar, and not a Search Bar. After the login page loads, enter the default Password and Username, if you have not changed them already,

I Cannot Open the Admin Login Page.

If you are getting a “Connexion Timed Out” error message, then most likely one of the following is the culprit:

  • Your router or signal repeater is turned OFF. Turn your router ON.
  • You are typing into your internet browser’s Search Bar and not in the URL address bar. Type in the address bar instead.
  • You are mistyping Only or will work. Check that you are not typing 192.168.o.254,, or, or other wrong combinations.
  • Your router’s default IP address may be, or, or another IP address. See the front page on, to learn how to easily determine your router IP address in Windows.


The popular WIFI signal extenders/repeaters manufactured by TPLink use as their default IP address.

To setup your new Tplinkrepeater, follow our Tplinkrepeater.net guide. Passwords and Usernames – Most Common.

All routers and WIFI devices comes with a default username and password from the factory (factory settings). Check your manual or the back of your router to find the default username and password for your model’s admn panel.

Try these username and password combination, if you do not know your router’s login credentials.

Username  | Password
admin | admin
admin | password
none |  MiniAP
none | admin
none |  WLAN

Routers and devices with as the Default Gateway IP.

Model – BrandnameAdmin UsernameAdmin PasswordDevice or Router Type
Belkin Router
F5D6130Router access point
CNet Router
CNAP-711 ManualWLANRouter access point
CNAP-711noneWLANRouter access point
Honeywell Repeater
WREX Manualrepeater,bridge
Intel Router
AnyPoint DSL Gateway (Model 4400) Manualadminadminmodem
AnyPoint Wireless Gateway (Model 1400) Manualadminadminrouter
IP-COM Router
W40APadminadminRouter access point
LevelOne Router
WAP-6010 ManualadminadminRouter access point
LyconSys Firewall
Mikrotik Router
RB750 4.1adminnone
webbox 2.9.6hakeri123456
FWA-600ND ManualadminadminRouter access point
Proware Router
PW-AN401D ManualadminadminRouter access point
Ruckus Wireless Bridge
MediaFlex 2111 (VF2111) Manualadminpasswordbridge
SerComm Repeater
RP101 ManualSignal repeater
RP101Signal repeater
SMC Router
SMC2655WnoneMiniAPRouter access point
SMC2655W ManualMiniAPRouter access point
SMC2655WMiniAPRouter access point
Telewell Router
Tenda Router/Repeater
W300AadminadminRouter access point
i21 ManualadminadminRouter access point
A30 Manualadminextender
A30adminSignal repeater
TL-LINK Repeater
TL-WA750REadminadminSignal repeater
EX1200M Manualrange extender
EX200 Manualrange extender
TP-LINK Router/Extender
TL-WR702N ManualadminadminRouter access point
TL-WR700N ManualadminadminRouter access point
RE350 Manualadminadminaccess point,bridge,range extender
TL-WA890EA Manualadminadminbridge
TL-WA750RE Manualadminadminextender
RE500 Manualadminadminrange extender,access point
RE650 Manualadminadminrange extender,access point
RE450 Manualadminadminrange extender,bridge
TL-WA730RE ManualadminadminSignal repeater
TL-WA830RE ManualadminadminSignal repeater
TL-WR710N Manualadminadminrouter
TL-WR810N Manualadminadmintravel router,repeater,access point

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  1. The instructions in the manual to activate this repeater is junk. who wrote the instructions for these units? I bought the first unit and by act of god it worked. I bought a second unit to use in the same house, and nothing works. you have to be a computer genius to figure it out.
    I may retyrn both units to costco if i cannot make them work.

  2. no se si me conecte no esta muy claro las instrucciones espero haberlo superado, salud-

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